Users Flow

Client: Leading ad tech company
Job: Visualize users onsite flows
Date: 2015

This chart has the purpose to visualize what is really going on on a client’s site. Initially we planned to use a typical funnel chart. But it turned out that there are actually many different short but real visit funnels. And that there is a user flow between these funnels. Even more, sometimes a user goes back a few steps before proceeding in the funnel.

And of course, the drop-offs. Where did the user go? Did he just end the site visit or did he go to pages that are not part of the funnel, like a help page? Also, we wanted to filter the chart by user types: new user, returning visitor etc.

With a Sankey chart the flows between the steps, with a step having more than one page, can be visualized. But showing all the flow data will turn the chart into a complex cluttered mess. Only after applying thresholds and cleaning the data, a clear picture of the important user flows emerged.