User Journey Explorer

Client: Customer Journey/Affiliate Marketing
Job: Customer and user journey reporting
Date: 2013

This is an interesting piece. I’d never thought it would be such a huge success.
It was meant more as fun project, because no typical statistical methods were used, such as grouping, summarizing or averages. Each chain of cute little squares resemble exactly one user journey. Advertisers can see the online journey of a user from seeing the first ad until buying their product (or not). The colors indicate different interactions like ad impression, click, search, email, onsite.

User Journey Explorer Scribble

It is groundbreaking to see a user or customer journey across all channels in one single view. The color indicates the channel like affiliate, email or SEA. By filtering by channel and journey length, it is possible to drill-down to subsets of journeys.

There are totally diverse journeys, and people discovered patterns that nobody was aware of before. That lead to new questions to ask and further analytical investigations.

User Journey Full View