How to build trust in algorithms

Client: Leading ad tech company
Job: Explain DSP (demand side platform) RTB bidding strategies
Date: 2014

My client developed a powerful algorithm that is doing much better than any human at optimizing RTB campaigns for a DSP. But how can we explain the campaign manager what it is doing, why the results are the best that can be achieved in the given set up and, most importantly, why this algorithm is doing better than him?

So I built a 2D and 3D visual prototype for RTB bidding space exploration and strategy explanation.

This is set theory explained geometrically. Have you ever wondered why changing some parameters shrink your result set? And what is probably the best result in the set?
In this prototype, users can visually reproduce step by step the effect of changing the parameters. I used a 3D geometric model of the result set and planes cutting and shrinking the space.
The wow moment is guaranteed!