Online Marketing Analytics Platform

Clients: Many online marketing companies
Job: Build a full-blown analytics platform for advertising reportings.
Date: 2012/2013

I was the mastermind behind the creation of a full-blown and highly configurable reporting platform specifically designed for the needs of online marketing agencies.

The platform is flexible and quite powerful and yet has a very clear design.

The aim of the tool is to reduce the workload and sources of error for the customer to a minimum and to make the key messages of the generated numbers quickly apparent.

The features, all accessible from an elegant and easy-to-use UI, include time span comparison, drag&drop layout, hierarchical filters, many different chart widgets and a powerful data grid.

Originally the core of DataHaptics’ (respectively Adternity’s) business approach was to provide customized and proprietary reporting solutions to online companies.
Although the developed solutions were different regarding the reported metrics, filter dimensions, connected ad servers and user permissions, we realized that all of our custom solutions shared a lot of common challenges and requirements.
To avoid solving common problems from scratch in every project, we developed a framework that implements solutions in a generic way so that they can be offered of the box.

Now building reporting projects on the basis of this framework is a breeze. This saves our clients time and costs and reduces project complexity.