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Optimize your charts to make it fun and easy to gain insights


I’m Evelyn Münster, an independent data viz consultant from Germany. I’m solving tough visualization tasks in online marketing for the world’s leading ad tech companies.

Consulting & Ideation

Chart Tune Ups

Data Analysis & Prototyping

You need a visualization but don’t know where to start?

Data visualization is a unique discipline, combining knowledge from many different fields: statistics and data science, data processing and technical skills, web- and user experience design, finding the story in the data, and finding the best fitting visualization methods.

In short, the ability to create a chart that will work with the available data and communicate the message clearly.

Chances are, there is no dedicated expert in your team who can lead through the process.

Maybe your data analyst makes scientific plots that your audience won’t understand. Maybe your designer draws good looking charts that fail to reveal the data or the message. A lot of charts out there are produced by people that know too little about data visualization. There are plenty of pitfalls in so many areas, resulting in data visualizations that leave the user lost and clueless. But you want your project to become successful, right?

No worries, I am here to help you. This is what I provide:


At the beginning of a project, it’s often not entirely clear even which questions to ask.


For creating a successful data visualization we need to consider – besides the data – the problems that need to be solved, the target audience, the existing user interfaces, and of course the budget. Based on your ideas and input, I’ll help you define a clear business goal and a step-by-step strategy for achieving great results in time.

Evaluate charting tools

Build or buy? What’s the best framework suitable for your IT architecture and your workflow? I can give you a clear picture of the pros and cons of the leading tools in the market. Save time and money by not reinventing the wheel – without getting trapped in the missing feature hell.


Are you unhappy with that pie chart in your dashboard, because it fails to explain important aspects of your data?

There are countless chart types out there, and people – including me – constantly invent new ones. Let me help you to find the best chart types for your purpose. Ideation is a highly iterative process that produces lots of ideas until the most promising ones are destilled. Here, my deep understanding of the data, my talent to translate abstract facts into visual language, as well as my user experience design knowledge are indispensable. Depending very much on the project, I draw chart sketches, UI wireframes, interactive click dummies or data analysis plots to communicate my ideas.
As the project progresses, I can accompany throughout the complete lifecycle, making sure the initial concept is not diluted by real-world obstacles during implementation, and adjusting the concept whenever unexpected restrictions or requirements strike.

Evelyn is simply the dude that knows how to conjure up great visualization concepts. She is the absolute right choice – especially for the difficult stuff.

Thomas Servatius

CTO, smartclip

Data Analysis

Often it is not so straightforward how to get from the original raw data set to the data set you actually want to visualize.

This can get the main obstacle for creating visualizations that fulfill their purpose. Data analysis is an important part of my creative process. When analyzing data, I ensure that the assumed relations really exist, and I look out for even more stories that are hidden in the data by applying techniques from math and statistics. The resulting insights are presented in a nice report with analysis plots and explanations.


Being a developer since 2001, it is always a pleasure for me to make my visualizations come to life with real data.

After analyzing data and drawing design sketches, building a working prototype can be the proof-of-concept workstep for creating a genuinely stunning visualizations.

Let’s throw in real data and build some interactive charts on the web!

By the way, prototyping comes not after the creative process – it is part of it. Prototyping is playing and testing with real data. It yields better ideas and approaches and is a part of iteratively leading to a better product.

We needed to explain something complex and geometrical to prospective clients. Explaining it took us 3 hours, which was definitely too long and tedious.

When we met Evelyn we expected that there is no way a data visualization designer would understand what we are talking about – after all this was complicated math. And even if she did, how can you possibly compress a 3 hour explanation any further?

What we learned over the course of this project was that Evelyn
– was spot on with all explanations.
– came back with a beautiful animation for a 3D geometrical concept that did indeed explain the core idea like in seconds.
– project managed the whole thing.

If I did not witness this myself I would not have thought it was possible.

Dr. Boris Mouzykantskii

Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Scientist, IPONWEB